Cruise vacation couple ‘outraged’ for confiscating ‘prohibited’ item |  Canal Cruise |  To travel

Cruise vacation couple ‘outraged’ for confiscating ‘prohibited’ item | Canal Cruise | To travel

From candles to kettles, cruise guests will need to leave some items out of their luggage. Many of the banned items are banned for security reasons.

One cruise guest wrote on Reddit: “I forgot a small pocket knife in my checked luggage and was signed out by security to come and talk about it.

“A little note left in my cabin informed me of the situation, so I went down to see what it was about.”

While they may be easily forgotten, just like on airplanes, passengers cannot bring knives on cruise ships.

They continued: “Apparently I wasn’t the only person who brought some contraband on board the ship in checked baggage, because there was a queue.

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“When I was almost at the front of the queue, the people in front of me were questioned by security.

“Apparently they had brought an entire espresso machine in their checked bags. Not a small one, but a big one from a coffee shop.”

Coffee makers and similar items such as travel kettles and irons are usually prohibited on cruise ships because they can be a fire hazard.

The passenger said: “Two security officers took it out and put it on the table and one explained that they are not allowed to have their own coffee machine in their cabin as stated quite clearly in all the prohibited items lists provided prior to boarding.


“The couple did not take that news well. They said this was a disgrace and demanded several times to speak to the captain.

“The couple argued that it couldn’t possibly be a vacation without their specialty coffee and said the cruise line ruined their experience.

To the credit of the security guards, they remained calm and said the captain would be notified of the situation, but the coffee machine would remain locked until then.

“There were some other unpleasantness thrown at the security officer, but eventually the couple relented and signed the form.”

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Another guest commented, “I’m impressed with their dedication to coffee, especially considering they have cappuccino machines on board.”

Many ships have coffee machines on board, although passengers may not have one in their cabin.

Some cruise lines charge a surcharge for specialty coffee, although passengers should be able to get regular coffee for free.

Most cruise ships will have a barista-style café serving coffee and passengers should be able to order one at breakfast.

Cruise guests can also have coffee ashore, especially if they are in town on a cruise vacation.

Some locals complain that cruise guests don’t spend a lot of money in the destinations they visit, so grabbing a coffee can be a great way to support the local economy.

Another cruise guest took no pity on the pair, saying: “There are people who are trained that if you don’t get what you want, you just have to yell louder until you do.

“And it works for them in too many situations, without any negative consequences.”

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