Is a gaming laptop cheaper than a gaming PC?

Gaming Laptop vs Gaming PC – Which is Cheaper?

Updated: December 20, 2022 1:03 PM

The answer to the question: Is a gaming laptop cheaper than a gaming PC? is very simple – No. For gaming laptops, you’re essentially paying premium for the portability (cracking all those high-end components into a flimsy laptop chassis isn’t easy), so the same spec’d gaming laptop will always cost a lot more than a desktop gaming PC with the same core components.

Plus, gaming laptops that ostensibly have the same GPU and CPU as a desktop gaming PC will never be as powerful – while the name of the components may look similar, mobile versions of processors and graphics cards in particular are more stunted, lower-powered variants. This means that if you want to achieve the same FPS in a gaming laptop as you would in a desktop PC, you would normally need to aim for the above SKU to achieve the same performance (i.e. an RTX 3080 laptop can perform similarly to a RTX 3070 gaming PC, although this is highly dependent on the overall graphics power of the laptop GPU).

That said, the added convenience and functionality you get from having a laptop that you can take to the office, work and play on the go, and connect to a monitor at home, should you wish, is the extra Worth the cost for many people who would otherwise have to buy a general purpose laptop anyway.

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Gaming Laptop vs Gaming PC: Price Guides

We’ve got tons of buyer’s guides below based on different price points for both gaming laptops, pre-built gaming PCs and homebuilt gaming PCs to help you get a better idea of ​​what you want.

While the gap has narrowed somewhat recently, you can typically get more performance for your money if you build a PC yourself, so these are the best options of the three below if you want to maximize your FPS performance per money spent.

Gaming laptops

Pre-built gaming PCs

Custom Gaming PCs

Is a gaming laptop cheaper than a gaming PC? Last word

We hope this guide helped you answer the question: Is a gaming laptop cheaper than a gaming PC? Be sure to check out our other laptop and gaming laptop guides while you’re here.

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