PHOTOS: Cafe Daisy menus and “Welcome to Toontown” sign installed, stroller parking added, and more at Disneyland’s Mickey’s Toontown

Mickey’s Toontown will fully reopen on March 19 after years of remodeling and the finishing touches are still being made across the country, even in areas that are already open to guests! Over the past few days we’ve seen a lot of new signage and a few other changes, so let’s take a quick walk through what’s open.

New signage around Mickey’s Toontown

A new “Welcome to Toontown!” sign is visible on the right as guests enter the country. The welcome area is in blue at the top and has a city insignia at the top and embellishment below, both incorporating Mickey Mouse silhouettes.

MickeysToontownNewSIgnage031723 2

The sign declares Toontown to be a “Best Friend City” with Duckburg, Spoonerville, Hot Dog Hills, and Mouseton. For those who don’t know: these are the cities from ‘DuckTales’, ‘Goof Troop’ and ‘A Goofy Movie’, ‘Mickey and the Roadster Racers’ and the Mickey Mouse comic books.

MickeysToontownNewSIgnage031723 4

For those strolling down the street, a new sign at the Toontown Post Office warns travelers to “Share the Road.”

MickeysToontownNewSIgnage031723 3

The board features silhouettes of Toby Tortoise and Max Hare, from the 1935 cartoon ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ ‘Silly Symphonies’.

The stroller parking lot is now outside the former Jolly Trolley service building in Toontown.

Stroller parking has been set up outside the former Jolly Trolley service building.

Additional seating has replaced stroller parking in Toontown.

Covered seating now fills the area at the exit of the Runaway Railway ride and the restrooms, replacing the stroller parking area that was here before. Red, white and teal striped umbrellas cover most tables.

Additional seating has replaced stroller parking in Toontown.

The tables have a retro look. They are cream colored with pink and teal stripes. The vinyl and metal seats are ivory and light blue to match.

Eating updates

Cafe Daisy's menu has been revamped in Toontown.

Cafe Daisy’s menu is installed at the front of the building. Mobile order pick up signage has also been added to the windows.

Menus updated at Cafe Daisy at Toontown, Disneyland Resort.

The offering includes hot dogs, pizza and a Spring Garden Wrap. Picnic Time Watermelon Lemonade, Granny Goof’s Garden Sweet Tea and Specialty Cold Brrr-ew are also offered in addition to standard fountain drinks and pre-packaged water and juices. You can view the full menu for Café Daisy here on Disneyland News Today.

MickeysToontownNewSIgnage031723 6

We returned the next day to find more signage installed including a standing sign further away from the order windows.

MickeysToontownNewSIgnage031723 5

The board shows off six photos for different entrees, snacks, and drinks. A QR code is also provided to open the Disneyland mobile ordering app. It is surrounded by a seafoam green frame dotted with daisies.

MickeysToontownNewSIgnage031723 7
MickeysToontownNewSIgnage031723 8

Another standing board is located to the right of the order window and shows the full menu including all available drinks.

Pluto's Dog House now appears to be taking mobile orders only.

Mobile order pick-up signage has also been added to the windows of the building that used to be Pluto’s Dog House.

Mobile order pickup sign at Pluto's Dog House in Toontown, Disneyland Resort.

New signage indicates that this will now only work to serve Café Daisy mobile orders.

Pluto's Dog House now appears to be taking mobile orders only.

The shop windows are clearly marked for the mobile collection of orders.

A new cart has rolled to Good Boy!  Grocery in Toontown.

The new cart has a playful wooden look that matches the rest of the fun and wacky decor in Mickey’s Toontown. It is similar in texture to the box nearby, with inlaid wood grain and fake wood nails. Each plank of the wagon has a unique texture.

MickeysToontownNewSIgnage031723 9

What appear to be cup dispensers were installed on the side of the grandstand’s pick-up windows, which are still covered with shutters. You can view the full Good Boy Grocers menu here on Disneyland News Today.

The final stage of the Mickey’s Toontown reimagining will open on March 19, 2023. The first stage opened on January 27 when Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway first opened to guests.

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What do you think of these changes? Are you excited about the final touches to the revamped Toontown? Tell us in the comments below!

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