YEYIAN Launching the New Highest Performance ODACHI RTX 4090/4080 Gaming Desktops

YEYIAN Launching the New Highest Performance ODACHI RTX 4090/4080 Gaming Desktops

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“The New Odachi series gaming desktop is tailor-made for hardcore gamers, ensuring that they enjoy an ultra-powerful gaming experience with unprecedented reliability.”

YEYIAN Gaming, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative turnkey gaming PCs, peripherals and computer components, is pleased to announce the market launch of their latest RTX 4000 series of gaming desktop PCs. The new ODACHI gaming PC models, ODACHI X13-02, ODACHI X13-02 and ODACHI R05-02, are equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090/4080 GPU and are fully optimized for Intel 13th Gen and AMD Ryzen 9- processors. These turnkey gaming desktop PCs include the latest ASUS Z790 and X670 motherboards to support the fastest DDR5 5200MHz 32GB RGB memory kits for outstanding system performance with absolute reliability. For the fastest storage performance, the new ODACHI series features the NVMe Gen4 M.2 SSD with up to 2 TB. To provide excellent connectivity, the new ODACHI gaming desktops fully support Thunderbolt™ 4, WIFI 6E and Bluetooth 5.2.

“The New Odachi series gaming desktop is tailor-made for hardcore gamers and ensures that they can enjoy an ultra-powerful gaming experience with unprecedented reliability. These three new models are built with the most powerful RTX 4000 GPU and are supported by the latest Intel 13th core and AMD Ryzen 9 processors.The name “Odachi” means the largest version of Japanese Katana.These gaming desktop PCs are a powerful weapon for the gaming Samurai (warrior), and YEYIAN strives to be the most powerful build systems for hardcore gamers to win their gaming battles YEYIAN features only the highest quality components from NVIDIA, INTEL, AMD, ASUS, MSI, Seagate, Kingston and XPG to ODACHI RTX 4090/4080 gaming desktop PCs uncompromising build quality.” said Frank Lee, YEYIAN’s VP.

“Ventilation and thermal management are essential considerations for a high-end gaming desktop. These new gaming PCs come with 240/360mm AIO water coolers and up to 7 YEYIAN ARGB cooling fans with a hydraulic bearing design. This combination produces the best ventilation and heat dissipation giving these turnkey gaming desktops a hassle-free, DIY-style gaming experience. All Odachi systems are backed by our Shield Warranty Program which offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.” explained Frank Lee.

Thermal performance and heat dissipation are crucial for a powerful gaming PC. YEYIAN engineering team designed a custom space-saving and performance-enhancing thermal solution for ODACHI gaming PCs. Up to 7 YEYIAN ARGB cooling fans combined with 360/240mm AIO water coolers help maximize ventilation under the heaviest workloads. The RGB lighting is present in all built-in cooling fans and the DDR5 DRAM modules, which can be synchronized using the supplied RGB software. ODACHI X13-02, X13-03 and R05-02 would be the smart choice for hardcore gaming and visual content creation.

Each YEYIAN pre-built gaming desktop goes through countless hardware and software tests up to 2 years of parts and 3 years of labor to ensure quality and stability. Backed by the YEYIAN-Shield warranty program, the warranty covers 2 years parts and 3 years labor. The new ODACHI gaming PCs are now available from major US e-tailers:


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